Breaking Up and Down

18 Jan

On reading a blog on about breaking up and having your world completely break down around you, I felt terrible.

Well, okay not awful , but quite bad. I’ve been through three break ups personally now and never have I felt that bad. Okay, usually after about a week I have a little cry and feel a bit sad and alone, but otherwise I get on with my life and take advantage of the fun I can have when I’m single.

Okay, so sometimes it goes drastically wrong and I end up making mistakes in my confusion and mad attempts to ‘get over him’, but its all a learning curve and I usually gain a lot of confidence from it.

Last year when my boyfriend of two years broke up with me, by the end of the first week I had made out with three guys, had a number of cheeky-spoon sessions (although with friends usually) and I’d got the majority of my university climbing club semi naked, and gained the mock-medical condition ‘Allergic to Clothes- WARNING MAY BE CONTAGIOUS’. But it was fun.

Yes, I was sad to loose my boyfriend, but my world wasn’t over. The thing is, I’ve done a fair bit of coaching friends through break-ups, and usually although their world may not have entirely collapsed, they do need telling that the other half is loosing out and their are plenty more fish in the sea etc. etc. The standard.

So, why am I so heartless? Why don’t I get as cut up as anyone else? Well, I’m going to put it down to wearing out the relationship. What is there to be that upset about if there was no relationship left anyway? Or maybe I just hadn’t let myself get that close.

One thing is for sure though, if my current boyfriend were to break up with me, to use his words ‘sh*t would go down’. But thats more because we share a house!

So, to those with a devastating hole where their life used to be, take this advice: smile, be happy and show them what they’re missing. Only look back to realise how much better off you are now.


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